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Support Tips

In this section, you can read advice to practice on a daily basis to help keep your computer from slowing down or getting a nasty virus.

1. Don’t install unnecessary software. A lot of software comes bundled with all sorts of unneeded clutter and startup services which if gone unused, serve only to slow the computer down.

2. If you see an offer while online that seems to be too good to be true, it usually is! Most virus’s, malware, spyware, and the like are installed willingly by the user only to be duped into getting more than they ever asked for.

3. Keep programs up to date. Java, Flash, and Reader are all perfect examples. These programs have frequent updates and typically the updates are for security issues. Java updates should only ever come from Flash or Reader updates should only ever come from

4. Mind your children/youth. Kids love to play video games, so do I, but much like the previous tip offers can come up in game or online for certain games. I’ve cleaned infections that were caused by children looking up or downloading addons for games like Minecraft, only to get more than they asked for. Set a precedent that if any change needs to be made to the computer or software on it, that the decision needs to be approved by a parent that understands the situation first.

Support Utilities

In this section, you can find some programs that can help keep your computer running well or fix various issue’s.
This is an alternative web browser to Internet Explorer. It has a long history of being more secure than Internet Explorer and faster as well.
Adblock Plus
This is an addon for Firefox. It only works if you are using Firefox. It blocks unwanted advertisements from any website you may visit.
BitDefender TrafficLight
This is also an addon fore Firefox. It lets you know at a glance if the website you are on is trustworthy or not. It puts a traffic light icon next to links in your browser to let you know how trustworthy a site may be. Green circle = good, any other color means use caution or stay away completely!
This program can be used to remove unwanted clutter and temp files from your computer. Keep in mind though, that it will clear any saved passwords you might have, so make sure you have those memorized!
This program can remove a wide variety of virus, malware, and spyware content. This is not a cure-all either however.
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