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GMod Staff Bible

Membership to the staff steam group is required for all staff members

Bind ulx menu (so you can execute !menu without anyone knowing)
Open developers console using the ~` key (located just to the left of your 1 key), in console type bind "m" "ulx menu" then click submit. This will make is so you can bring up the menu ingame by simply pressing your M key.
(To enable devoloper console press Escape, click OPTIONS, click Keyboard tab, click Advanced, check mark Enable developers console, click okay.)

What is abuse on this server?
The rules of this server are simple, but vague at times.
The server golden rule is "Don't ruin the game for other people".
This can mean different things to different people, so you have to consider the intent people have, more than the actual action they have taken. For example I don't really have a problem with swearing, as long as it isn't AT other people. For example, if a person said "HOLY FUCK ITS RAINING A SHIT LOAD OF FUCK OUTSIDE!" that is fine because the intent is benign. If a person said "HOLY FUCK YOU ARE A SHIT LOAD OF FUCK!" I might have a few problems with that as the intent is to make someone feel bad.

Standard procedure for dealing with abuse/griefers/trolls
It is highly recommneded that you use this procedure every time you encounter an abuser, greifer, troll, or groups of these people.
If you suspect someone of infringing the one rule, try !spectate first. So that way you can see exactly what they are doing. Usage is !spectate <playername>, so for example !spectate pano would spectate me.

Politely ask the person to stop the infringing action. Sometimes mic chat can't be heard if other people are talking or if the person has their game muted, so ingame chat should be used in most cases. Also ingame chat shows up in the server logs but mic chat does not.

If the person doenst listen at first, !freeze, or !jail can be used temporarily to get their attention, followed by !unfreeze or !unjail once they are listening to you.

If the person resumes the infringing action, clearly communicate that they are breaking the rules and measures will be taken to stop them if they do not stop by their own will.

After 2 warnings kick the player. They will still have the opportunity to reconnect. If they reconnect and are still infringing upon the one rule, give a third warning to the player and also ban them for 3 days.

Moderators have access to the !kick command.
Admins have access to the !ban command.

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And don't forget to have fun playing =)
Coded by ©Dean Taylor 2022

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