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Chord Request

Chord is a service which can help your audience find every platform you are currently on. During the startup period, registration is free for any artist. Chord is a payed service that can be used to help promote your various distribution outlets to your listeners. Many successful artists use services like Chord such as Nine Inch Nails, Pink Guy, and many more. Chord is not a way to get your album posted onto iTunes, Spotify, etc... For that you need an aggregator. If you are looking for a good aggregation service, I recommend looking into CD Baby to see if it would be a good fit for your artist.

Sometimes an audience may not know of every media outlet at an artist's disposal and lack of convenience can steal away listeners. Artists who use Chord as a central routing point to all of their existing media outlets are guaranteed to have a more engaged and enabled audience. A Chord can be created at your request. To process your request we need to gather some information first. The information you provide here will not be sold or used for anything other than creating your Chord.

The name of the Artist:

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In-case your request is approved, please provide any information below that may apply.

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Have a service you dont see listed here? Let us know what is missing:

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